• Crossland



    A young jogger named Jason is out doing what he loves, running cross- country. Unknown to him, the runner trespasses into a private property, and is soon lured into a self-sense of security. What seemed like a routine run in the countryside, turns into a heart-pounding nightmare. Fear will run it...

  • LoverBoy



    When Lauren Reynolds, a beautiful girl with a painful home life, breaks it off with her drug-addict ex, Matt, she is ready to give up on dating all together. Between raising her two younger brothers, working a meaningless nine-to-five with her best friend, and trying to talk sense into her physic...

  • Slaughter Island


    Ten kids are stalked by a murderous force of nature after arriving on an uninhabited island said to be under the spell of a diabolical curse.

    Country: Japan
    Director: Hisaaki Nagaoka
    Cast: Midori Tahara, Sayori Shiozaki, Ryousuke Watabe

  • Off Season


    Sylvie Stone takes refuge in an isolated beach hideaway after her husband is convicted of a sweeping act of financial fraud. A series of frightening occurrences lead her to discover she’s being stalked by a mysterious presence.

    Director: Katie Carman-Lehach (as Katie Carman)
    Writer: Elizabeth...

  • White Roses


    A gunshot in the middle of the night. A man caught holding a smoking gun. The answers aren't as clear as they seem. The answer lies in the White Roses that sit on the nearby nightstand.

    Director: Josh Hodgins
    Writers: Josh Hodgins (story), Josh Hodgins
    Stars: Aaron Bennett, Elizabeth Boltz, ...

  • Evil Never Dies


    Ex-gangster Harry Payne confronts his violent past and vengeance from beyond the grave.

    Also known as: The Haunting Of Harry Payne (original title)

    Director: Martyn Pick
    Writers: John Mangan (creator), John Mangan
    Stars: Tony Scannell, Graham Cole, Anouska Mond

  • Telephone World


    Telephone World tells the story of Rachel Plasky (Elissa Dowling), who finds out she got the lead part in a new TV show in one continuous 80-minute shot.
    Director: Ramzi Abed
    Writer: Ramzi Abed
    Stars: Elissa Dowling, Eric Fleming, Kara Michelle Hyatt

  • Carrier



    Shortly after Thomas delivers a mysterious package, he begins to fall ill. But this is not any ordinary illness. He soon descends into the depths of a sickness that turns him into an insatiable killer. Worse is that the strange virus that has turned him into a monster is contagious, and has begun...

  • Phantom of the Woods


    Two young teenagers believe their worst issues are within their everyday lives and homes, until strange occurrences and mysterious deaths begin to terrorize the small neighborhood.

    Director: Michael Storch
    Writers: Cam Clark, Joe Leatherman
    Stars: Delaney Hathaway, J.R.S. Storch, Richard Hacke

  • Prometheus Triumphant


    Prometheus Triumphant is a throwback to 1920's German Expressionist silent film, telling the story with images, music and title cards. Prometheus is made to look as though it was produced decased ago, but the content leans toward a much more graphic contemporary edginess.

    Directors: Mike McKow...

  • Family Secret


    Family Secret is a thriller/mystery, bringing forth a memorable killer (The granny killer), and a cast of established and talented actors. We believe it to be the future of horror and the movie will speak for itself when and if it gets the chance to be viewed. It features great music and surprise...

  • Player



    A gambler and a younger woman fall in love, then risk everything on a dangerous bet.

    Director: Alina Szpak
    Writer: Robert Fleet (screenwriter)
    Stars: Robert Fleet, Natalie Avital, Nick McCallum

  • Contrition


    What if you had to wake up on the same day over and over? What if that day was the day your wife was murdered? Could you stop it?

    Director: Aaron Boltz
    Writers: Aaron Boltz, Josh Hodgins
    Stars: Aaron Bennett, Jon Conner, Paul DeAngelo